PRODEFINE represents a new milestone in weight loss supplementation. Drawing from the most advanced and proven weight loss promoting ingredients, PRODEFINE can assist you in achieving your goals. PRODEFINE is a precisely selected formula which contains a complete protein blend as well as the key additions of Carnitine (Carnipure®), Green tea extract and Coconut water powder. 

Leading manufacturing process, 3.7g of carbs & 1.2g of fat per serve, high in protein, NZ sourced, essential macronutrients.



Advanced Carbohydrates.

CLUSTER DEXTRIN® (Highly branched cyclic dextrin) is a cutting edge, ultra pure carbohydrate that is sourced from Japan. It is produced through an advanced enzyme process involving the breakdown of starch.

Leading manufacturing process, highly soluble, rapid gastric emptying time, enhanced stamina, Japanese sourced, the choice of elite endurance athletes worldwide.

WPI 90 | $65

Blended with NZ grass-fed whey protein isolate, natural flavourings and without unnecessary fillers, True Premium Whey Isolate is your first choice for lean muscle development and weight management. Savour the clean taste, pure quality and high protein content that makes it easy to digest in shakes, smoothies or as a protein-boost in recipes.

Leading manufacturing process, less than 1% carbs/sugar, high in protein, fast digesting, NZ sourced, rich amino acid profile.

VEGAN85 | $65

VEGAN85 is a unique blend of Belgium sourced pea protein and organic US sourced brown rice protein. VEGAN85 possesses an excellent protein content of 85% in natural form, which equates to roughly 25g/serve. 100% derived from plant based sources, VEGAN85 is the ultimate protein solution for vegans or those looking for a non-dairy alternative.

Leading vegan blend, non-gmo, high in protein, free from common allergens, suitable for vegans, rich amino acid profile.

BCAA 4:1:1 | $45

BCAA 4:1:1 is a premium pharmaceutical grade of branched chain amino acids. Sourced from a leading Japanese manufacturer BCAA 4:1:1 utilises non-animal based extraction processes to deliver the industry standard for purity and taste.

Leading manufacturing process, patented technology, non animal extraction (vegetable based fermentation), superior taste, Japanese sourced, ultimate fuel for your workout.


PRE is an advanced 11 ingredient amino acid based blend, designed to optimise a wide range of functions when you train. Through careful selection of the most powerful and premium supplements available in the market, True Protein's PRE sets a new benchmark in effectiveness and purity.

11 functional ingredient formula, specialised amino acids, increase energy, maximise performance, scientifically backed dosages, ultimate convenience.


CARNITINE is a premium quality L-carnitine tartrate sourced from Switzerland. This special grade of L-carnitine tartrate is renowned for its exceptional quality and carries the Carnipure® brand logo. The manufacturer boasts over 25 years of expertise and is considered the ultimate standard in this field.

Leading manufacturing process, Carnipure, tartrate grade, assists weight loss, excellent water solubility, Swiss sourced.

Sample (1 serving sachet) available of PRODEFINE: WEIGHT LOSS BLEND, VEGAN85 & WPI 90. 

Assorted flavours available.


Boxing Inners | $5

Boxing Inners | $5

One size fits all.

Leather Weight Lifting Gloves | $20

Leather Weight Lifting Gloves | $20

Premium weight lifting gloves from Hart Sport.

Resistance Bands | $12/metre

Resistance Bands | $12/metre

Premium resistance bands from Hart Sport, different strengths available.

Club T-Shirts | $30

Club T-Shirts | $30

Made to order. All sizes available.

Foam Rollers | $45

Foam Rollers | $45

Premium foam rollers from Fortress.

Trigger Point Balls | $10

Trigger Point Balls | $10

Available in smooth or spiked.

Weight Lifting Belts | $15

Weight Lifting Belts | $15

Premium weight lifting belts from SMAI.